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Frank's first solo album, Time, was released in 1995 after he'd been toying with Reggae.  "Babalon Trail" and "Rumble In The Jungle" are two Reggae tunes that are squeezed into otherwise soul songs.  According to Frank, "That was the only way I could say what I wanted to say."


"Shont Dont Dont" .mp3 .wma  
"Time" .mp3 .wma
"So In Love" .mp3 .wma  


Personnel:  Frank Mendenhall (vocals/guitar),  Edward "Pie" Williams/Clarence Johnson (guitar), Kyrstan Kryst Alexander (vocals), Rick Holmes/Larry Johnson (bass), Harlan Jones (keyboard and drum programming), Baba Dontez Harris (saxophone).  Producers:  Richard Foster, Frank Mendenhall, Harlan Jones.  Recorded at New Sewell Music Conservatory, Washington, DC.

Sweet Love was released in 1998.  The back cover of the CD insert carries this quote from Frank"  "Although I am from Alabama, music is UNIVERSAL.  Let's learn to give Sweet Love."



"Don't Care About That" .mp3  .wma
"You Know That I Love You" .mp3  .wma


Personnel: Frank Mendenhall (vocals/guitar), Edward "Pye" Williams/Rob Macomber (guitar), Edward Kornegay (saxophone), Tony Smith (trumpet), Bernard "Butch" White (trombone), Harlan Jones (keyboards/synthesizer), Jerry Wilder/ Larry Jones (bass), Steve Walker (drums), The Jewels:  Sandra Bears, Margie Clark, Grace Ruffin (background vocals).  Live Recording.  Producers:  Frank Mendenhall, Richard Foster.  Recorded at Omega Recording Studios, Rockville, MD.

Released May 2004.  This was Frank's final album.  In an interview with Mary Cook (RIAA), he said, "'Hard Times' is the title track on this CD. Check it out. It ain't nothin' but the truth because there has been some point and time in all of our lives where we all have had some hard times."


"Hard Time" .mp3  .wma
"Party With Me Tonight" .mp3  .wma
"All Blues Saturday"  
"When Morning Comes"  

Frank Mendenhall (lead/rhythm guitar, vocals) Jermaine Caswell, Jr./Skip Fernell (keyboard/synthesizer, Jerry Wilder/David Grimes (bass), Steve Walker/Antwon Jackson, Jr. (drums). Recorded at Omega Studio (Rockville, MD) and DMG Studio, (New York, NY) Producers:  Frank Mendenhall, Richard Foster.


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