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To all of you who called, sent cards and letters, we thank you for your love and support.  It has sustained us and given us the strength to move forward.  On Tuesday, February  20, 2007, I not only lost a brother...I lost my best friend.   Peace and love.                                                   ~Robert Mendenhall and the family

Katrell Mendenhall Katrell Andrea Mendenhall
Frank's daughter

Currently a "Street Team" reporter for Chicago's
WMAQ NBC5, Katrell has been a model, make-up artist and has lived and traveled extensively across the US.   She hosts the web-based reality show, Chicagolicious.  (More)
Robert Mendenhall Robert Mendenhall 
Wurst Act Records President/CEO

In 1998, Frank and I began working together to put Wurst Act Record on the 'map'...so to speak.   After coordinating the bands in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama to learn the music, I would book the jobs.  Frank had been in the music business for over 20 years and desperately needed help.  While I handled the business end at Wurst Act records, he devoted is time to the music.  This produced the Hard Times album, his most potent CD.  (
Daddy B. Nice

According to the obituary published in the "Mobile Register" ( Alabama ), the official date of Frank Mendenhall's death was February 20, 2007 , or "Fat Tuesday," as one Mendenhall fan has reminded me. Otherwise, the obit reveals few details of this unique performer's remarkably unmemorialized life. He worked for the Parks Department in the Washington, DC area and he has a surviving daughter.  (
Funky Larry Jones Funky Larry Jones
Radio Personality 

In his review of the Hard Times CD for the Soul to Soul magazine:  "There are so many songs, the DJs will have a 'hard time' choosing a track to play."
Nikki deMarks Nikki deMarks
Radio Personality

"Frank was one of a kind - his music unique, his style fresh."  (
Audio of remembrance from Cathe B and Nikki on 98.3.WDLT FM/Mobile, AL.  Download speed may vary.)
Lawrence Specker

Hard times have rarely sounded as good as they do on Frank Mendenhall's newest album."  (6.4.02 - Article)
Beverly McDowell
Radio Personality/Chanteuse 

"I love his style.  He's done something phenomenal.  He's blended reggae with the blues.  His gritty lyrical perspective is right on target.  Hard Times  reflects what's going on in the world.  Frank has a great future.  I think he's going to hit one, with this one."   (
Sam Jones, Mayor Sam Jones
Mayor of Mobile, AL

"Frank left behind an extraordinary legacy and will be remembered for the influence his music had on our community." 
Proclamation)  (Letter
David Brinston

David Brinston

"I met Frank in Laurel, MS, during an outdoor Blues concert. We were both performing that day, had arrived early and had time on our hands to get to know each other. 

We talked about the music business, traded music, phone numbers with each other and became good friends.  That casual meeting sparked a good friendship."  (More)  




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