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Dad, I wish I had another chance…
Another chance to see you smile at me, as only you can.
Another chance to hear that laugh.
Another chance to share the kitchen together and make fried corn or sit in the parking lot and eat shrimp.
Another chance to sit around and hear you tell stories.
Another chance to answer the phone and hear you call me “baby” again.

Dad, you’ve touched so many lives from your smile to your music. As I try to put words together, I realize it’s like asking a painter to paint the impossible or a poet to describe the indescribable.

Dad, I wish I had another chance…
Had another month, another week or just another 5 minutes to tell you how much “I love you” and “How much you mean to me” but most importantly to “Party with Mendenhall”.

Then God speaks to me and says… you will; you will have another chance!
I love you dad…more than you know.


Katrell (third from left) with Frank's family

Katrell with Mobile Mayor Sam Jones


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